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Spelt Pane Azimo

Vivia Bio Line

Spelt Pane Azimo

Revalue with Vivia Bio all the flavor and the lightness of Pane Azimo made according an ancient Jewish recipe. Low in fat, fibers and proteins contained in the spelt will help your body to keep the right balance.

Pane Azimo is a type of bread prepared with cereals flour and water, without the additional of yeast. Yeasts sometimes cause bloating feeling and heaviness: trying to cut them from our diet for a period enables the body to get clean and find the lightness.Low in fat and rich in fiber, spelt is recommended in the slimming diets because satisfies your hunger and you won’t gain weight.
Our Pane Azimo is cooked on lava stone, according to the traditional Jewish recipe.


  • spelt flour* (99.9%)

  • rosemary extract* (0.001%)

* Organic ingredient
It may contain traces of sesame and lupin.


Without yeast
Very low in sodium
Source of vegetable fiber and proteins




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