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Mulini Reali

Mulini Reali


Mulini Reali is the line of Falco’s products dedicated to organic and specialized shops.
It offers the flavor of the tradition and the food authenticity of the ingredients from organic agriculture.
Spelt flour, Khorasan Kamut® flour and Sen. Cappelli durum wheat flour, mixed with great craftsmanship and cooked on hot stone make fragrant and crispy every special of this line, ready to put flavor and authentic food on our table.

The quality of food is a very important factor for the welfare of our body.
The choose of Bio helps surely to change some of our poor eating diets, without abandoning luxury goods and little delicacies which satisfy our tasty.

Awareness that a product brings with itself some values which go beyond nutritional requirements, it makes up a particular tasty with an unparalleled sense of satisfaction: the pleasure to stay well, in both body and spirit, in the respect for the eco system and our future.

Spelt and Rosemary Foglie

Kamut® and Rosemary Foglie

Spelt Pane Azimo

Khorasan Kamut® Pane Azimo

Sen. Cappelli Durum Wheat Pane Azimo

Wholemeal Spelt Sfoglia