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NEW 2023!

Falco is 100% Bio

Falco uses an organic 100% oven and is specialized in organic and biodynamic oven baked products.
The management of the products closely monitors the quality of the raw materials and the materials (biocompatible) used in packaging

Naturally bio

Mulini Reali is the line of Falco’s products dedicated to organic and specialized shops.
It offers the flavor of the tradition and the food authenticity of the ingredients from organic agriculture, without abandoning luxury goods.

Revalue your wellness

Vivia Bio is the Falco product line dedicated to those who love the good taste but don’t want to give up on well-being. The ingredients from biological agriculture, the natural methods of working and the absence of chemical yeasts make Vivia Bio products the best allies of health.

The harmony between performance and well-being

Organic Protein by Falcofoods is the line dedicated to a more balanced nutrition. By combining a few organic and vegan ingredients, Falco creates healthy and tasty products.

Save the planet!

Crick Crack is the innovative line developed by Falco, thinking about the future of our planet. Crackers with cricket flour: a sustainable solution for complete nutrition as well as tasty!


without artificial coloring

without preservatives

without yeasts

without salt or in small quantities

rich in vegetable fibers

rich in vegetable proteins

Looking bio

Even at the table, look at the future and look bio.
A healthier life is closely linked to a better use of foods, especially products from sustainable agriculture where the respect for our body starts from the respect for the nature.

Eating bio

Savor the sane fragrance of Falco products, free from preservatives and colorings, with an offer that satisfy also who preferred products without yeast. In our labs, the raw material is appropriately stored in areas with controlled temperature: we have left nothing to chance.

The cooking on hot stone of our matzo bread, the artisanal realization of crackers make Falco’ specialities products healthy gems to savor in any moment of the day.

Organic food

Our products are only organic

Our products

Our products shall comply with biodynamical philosophy: respect the balance of our ecosystem, observing and working on the land, to help it and preserve its own fertility.


Most of our products do not contain ingredients of animal origins.


We comply with the Jewish rules which governs Jewish people’s nutrition.


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